Why You Should Digitize Your Documents

Digitization is the first and most important step to prepare you for a digital-ready future.

Physical Documents

  • Unable to tap into insights
  • Hard to access important information/insights

Scanning & Labelling

  • Scan and digitize various document formats
  • Singapore Evidence Act certified – admissible in court, as good as physical documents
  • Labelling of documents for higher searchability

RMA Virtual Library

  • Cloud based and easy access to digitized documents
  • Unlock insights of past physical documents
  • Potential to perform further analytics to benefit better decision making

Documents We Digitize

Here are the various forms of documents we can handle.

Loose Sheets

Books & Bound Journals









Why Choose RMA As Your Digitization Partner?

We understand the importance of your documents and we will treat them with most care from the handling of the physical documents to the processes for data security.

We invest in the latest scanning technology to serve you better.

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We have a solid track record for digitization spanning over 35 years.

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We are ISO certified for data and process security.

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