We understand the importance of data security and are meticulous toward our approach.

 Here are the 3 main pillars we prepare to ensure digital security.

Active Directory

Central control for user access to all workstations. To ensure transparency and control over all users.

Data Security

Hardened workstations with controlled USB Access to prevent uploading/downloading of data.

Enclosed Local Network

Workstations have no internet access, mobile phones are also restricted to prevent data leaks.


For physical security, we invest in the necessary equipment and curate our workplace and workflows to ensure we minimize the risk of human errors towards data security. Here are the 3 main pillars we prepare to ensure physical security.

CCTV monitored

RMA digitization premise is CCTV monitored for audit controls.

Fire Extinguishers and Fire Extinguishing Ball

Fire extinguishers are positioned at several areas such as near exits, corridor and production area. Fire extinguishing balls are strategically placed all over the digitization premise for automatic surveillance and extinguishing of fire.

Personnel Security Clearance

All RMA staff must undergo security clearance before being employed. They are bound to a security clearance in their contract of employment that forbids the disclosure of any confidential information.